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Colors of Waikiki

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I have mixed feelings about Waikiki as I am not the biggest fan of big cities. Weird I know as I live in So Cal. Waikiki is one of the most crowded areas in the islands and the traffic can get unbearable at times. It is almost impossible to be anywhere here alone.

If you like night life, this is the area to be in the islands as there are plenty of bars and restaurants that stay open to the early hours. The shopping is world class and rivals Rodeo drive in Los Angeles and Avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris.

No matter what, Waikiki is still Hawaii. I love Rainbow Drive In, my go to spot for a plate lunch, that I must hit up multiple times during any visit to Oahu, and the malasadas at Leonard’s are incredible. I love hanging out on the beach and just being around the ocean. Waikiki has a great beach that unfortunately gets really crowded. The best thing about Waikiki for me are the sunsets.

I have more sunset images from Waikiki than from anyplace else. During one 10 day stay at the Rainbow Tower in Waikiki alone, I photographed the sunset every single night. Each night had a unique and amazingly beautiful sunset. Some of my favorite sunset images came from Waikiki. “Waiting on the Set”, for example, is my best selling sunset image and “Red Clouds Over Waikiki” is one of my favorites.

This image, “Colors of Waikiki” was taken in January of 2020. For some reason, I left it sitting on my hard drive and never processed it. In a sense, this image is new as I haven’t done anything with it until today. I love the tones and colors here.
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