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Doonagore Castle

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The fairytale-like Doonagore Castle can be found in Doolin, a handy 3-minute drive from the colourful little Fisher Street, where it’s finely situated on a hill overlooking Doolin Point.

The castle, which dates back to the mid 16th century, is what’s known as a round tower house and it has a little courtyard that’s enclosed by a defensive wall.

Interestingly enough, the castle is used as a navigational point for the boats and ferries that are making their final bob into Doolin Pier.

Here’s where the story of Doolin Castle gets a little bit mad. In 1588, a ship from the Spanish Armada got into difficulty off the coast of Doolin and crashed close to the castle.

170 of the ship’s crew managed to make their way out of the wreck. Sounds like a happy ending, right? Yea, well, all was going to plan until the High Sheriff of Clare arrived.

ALL of the survivors are believed to have been hung at the castle or at a site nearby that’s known as ‘Cnocán an Crochaire’ (AKA Hangman’s Hill).
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